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Got a question? Contact us at or leave a message on this site.


10 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Lily Minkova

    Hi, I would like to join the team! Is it possibly to be added to the mailing list so I can know when meetings take place?

    • kalebima

      Hey Lily, sure thing. We’re having our first meeting of the year tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30 PM in Pod 2 of Cybertheque. Stop by and introduce yourself if you can make it!

      See you there,
      – Matt

  2. faisal al-kabariti

    Hello, I just saw this and im interested in joining to so could you please add me to the mailing list

  3. Chrisendra Christopher

    Hello there!! I just stumbled across this and am interested in stuff you guys are up to. Can u please add me to the mailing list? I am interested in joining. 🙂

  4. Neil Whitehouse

    Hi There, I am the Ecumenical Chaplain at McGill and contacting you because I hope some of you are interested in a new inter-disciplinary project called OIKOS. This invites us to combine knowledge across three disciplines, ecology, economics and ecumenism: all three coming from the same word oikos, meaning house or household. The premise being that in terms of knowledge we are more than the sum of our parts I would like to tell you more….

  5. Mercedes

    Hi, I know this is late, but is it still possible to join the team? I’m really interested & would love to join!! Thanks!

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