Film screening: round two!

Hey all, we’ll be holding our annual film screening this Friday at 7pm in the FDA Auditorium of McGill University. This year’s choice is the eco-adventure documentary “On The Line” and will feature a guest appearance by the director himself, Frank Wolf! Free refreshments will be provided by a few very kind vendors including Thé Kiosque, who is awesome enough to support The Conservationists for the second year! we hope to see you there!

‘On the Line’ trailer from Frank Wolf on Vimeo.

RSVP on our Facebook event page!

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Your Brain on Nature- guest speaker!

Hey McGill!

1118114515Don’t miss a great lecture with Dr. Alan C. Logan, the naturopathic doctor and well-published scientific author, who co-wrote with physician Dr. Eva Selhub, the new book Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness, and Vitality. Scientific studies have shown that natural environments can have remarkable benefits for human health. Natural environments are more likely to promote positive emotions; and viewing and walking in nature have been associated with heightened physical and mental energy. Nature has also been found to have a positive impact on children who have been diagnosed with impulsivity, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder. A powerful wake-up call for our tech-immersed society, Dr. Alan C. Logan will guide us through the fascinating effects that exposure to nature can have on the brain.


Dr. Alan Logan

Time and Date: Thursday, January 31st at 7:00pm

Place: Frank Dawson Adams auditorium, 3450 University Street, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0E8

Written by: Ryan Young

Link to the Facebook event page

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Community Engagement Day


We’ve got a question for you!

Want to be part of an awesome project? Want to get involved in the Montreal community? Want to help us TEST OUT A COOL NEW IPHONE APP? If you answered yes to any of the above, read on!

Friday October 5th is Community Engagement Day– a day for the University and Montreal community to come together and participate in various activities, learn about the current issues and challenges we are facing, and celebrate the diversity of cultures in our city! There will be over 20 group activities, including urban gardening, public discussions, walking tours, and more!

The Conservationists is inviting you to join us and our friends at Soverdi to test out a new iPhone app designed to take inventory on urban forest diversity. Participants will learn how to recognize different tree species through small tours led by CED leaders.

Activities are free, and registration is still open!

To register for our project, sign up here: (we’re project #15!)

You can also register to be a group leader!

DATE: Friday Oct 5th
TIME: 8am to 1pm
WHERE: Meet at the Y-intersection on campus at 8am, and we’ll take the Metro to Montreal North together- fare will be provided!



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Activities Night!

Hey everyone!

Activities Night at McGill is coming up, and we want you to be there! Come find our table in the SSMU ballroom this Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept 11 and 12) from 3-9pm. Sign up for our mailing list, grab some goodies, and get involved!

See you there,

The Conservationists

some old faces!

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The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Hello there folks!

We haven’t disappeared yet- in fact, you’re just in time for our first event of the 2012-2013 year!

This September 22nd, join us and the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup to clean up Parc Wilcox in Montreal’s Verdun neighborhood!

With humble beginnings in 1994 with the Vancouver Aquarium, The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup has since become an official national program for a decade, with thousands of volunteers offering their time to help clean up local communities. Since then, they’ve partnered with WWF Canada to become a real force in the International Coastal Cleanup movement in Canada.

Check out their Facebook page here, or simply join The Conservationists at Roddick Gates at 10am. You can even register here, and check out the details! Bring gloves and other supplies if you want to stay fresh and clean! We’ll be heading out together to the destination via Metro.

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less…is more?

Have you ever stopped to think about all the waste an individual creates each day? From spare toothpicks to that extra plastic bag, we are very often imposing an unnecessary burden on our environment. So many of us have subscribed to the notion ‘out of sight, out of mind’ that we have accepted pollution as a byproduct of our modern lifestyle.

Could you live waste-free? Even for a day?

Enter Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer, two brave and curious people who wanted to know if it was possible to live a close-to-zero waste lifestyle…over the course of one whole year. The result? The Clean Bin Project, a documentary that has won countless awards and premiered in multiple film festivals across the globe. Want to know what Grant and Jen’s journey was like? Keep on reading!******

Who: The Conservationists
What: A free film screening of The Clean Bin Project, complete with refreshments, prizes, and comfy seats! Plus, a Q&A period with the directors and stars themselves!
When: Friday, March 16th at 7 p.m.
Where: McGill University, Otto Maass Building Room 112
Why?! ‘Cus awareness and action are intertwined, especially when it comes to what happens to your waste after you throw it away.

How am I supposed to remember?: We made a Facebook event, go sign up!

Check out the awesome trailer!

A special thanks to the following Montreal shops for supplying our event with delicious refreshments and prizes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update: Thank you to all for helping us hold a truly great event! Here are the slides from the event, in case you couldn’t make it or are interested in learning more:

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An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the blog for The Conservationists! We’re an environmentally focused group made up of McGill University student whose activities include tree planting, invasive species removal, shoreline cleanup, guest speaker nights, and documentary viewings. The purpose of this site will be to document past events and publish information about those yet to come, so we hope you’ll stick around!

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